Stop Comparing, Go Within, Ask Yourself.

Comparison is the way of the ego. Avoid comparison, otherwise you will always suffer. Read Full on PC/Mobile .

You will suffer in two ways. Sometimes your ego will feel superior to somebody; that will give you airs, that will get into your head, that will make you tense. You will not walk on the earth; you will become drunk, drugged. Or sometimes it will give you the feeling of inferiority; then too you will be crestfallen, shattered. Again great anguish and pain….
Remember, ego is comparative — it always compares itself with others — and the self is noncomparative. When you know yourself it is neither inferior nor superior in comparison to anybody, it is simply itself. But the ego is comparative.

And remember, if you feel superior to somebody, you are bound to feel inferior to somebody else.

So the ego is a very tricky phenomenon:
on the one hand it makes you feel superior, on the other hand it makes you feel inferior. It keeps you in a double bind, it goes on pulling you apart. It drives you crazy.
There are millions of people and each individual is unique.
Drop that nonsense of comparing. But you cannot drop it unless you drop the past — the past LIVES on comparison, the ego FEEDS on comparison.

Never compare, because all comparison is foolish. Everybody is just like himself. What is the point of comparing? Who are you to compare? And who are you to fix a criterion — to decide who is learned and who is not learned? Who are you to make a criterion who is beautiful and who is not beautiful? Who are you? Why should you judge?

Stop comparing, drop your past... Live peaceful, and go within... Ask to yourself- what are you thinking and doing.. HKS

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