Language Problem ? Let's Learn All The Languages For Free.

Feeling is the language, the forgotten language. If you
under stand feeling, you understand the whole.

Feeling is that language. Greek or Arabic or Sanskrit won't do. No language
originating in the mind is divine language. No, the divine language originated in the
heart. Feeling is the language.

lt is said of Lukman, one of the wisest men ever born — he is
the founder of Yunani medicine — that he would go to
plants, to bushes and trees, sit there, feel them, and ask
them, "What use can you be put to? What disease can you be
helpful in?" It is said that he discovered millions of herbs, just
by feeling them. The herb would say, "It will be good if you use me in tuberculosis; I can help."

There is the same story in India also. Ayurveda, the Indian medicine, is based on the
same secret. Those secrets were revealed by the plants them selves. But then a
language is needed, a language which is universal and not local to humanity.

This looks like a myth, fiction. But scientists have been at a
loss: if this is a fiction.

If you start really feeling, and your heart starts really throbbing with feeling, you can
ask a tree, and a tree is always ready to reveal its secret. You can ask a bird, and the
bird is ready to reveal its secret. You can ask existence, and existence is ready to
reveal its heart.

If you start to Speak / Listen in Feelings, you can talk to and become friend of any Creature in this Universe.
Language will be no barrier for you; you can talk to anybody, and listen to anybody. Feeling is an Universal Language. Let's Start Talking Now...

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Mega Gift Of Happiness And Celebration. Start Now!

Let's never be serious, start Smiling, Laughing, Become Happy, Let's Celebrate Life and Your Existence.
I don't think existence wants you to be serious.
I have not seen a serious tree.
I have not seen a serious bird.
I have not seen a serious sunrise.
I have not seen a serious starry night.

It seems they are all laughing in their own ways, dancing in their own ways.
We may not understand it, but there is a subtle feeling that the whole existence is a celebration.

There is very less time, why to waste it being Serious and becoming Unhappy / Sad. Whole nature is Happy, Enjoying and Celebrating....
Now it's Your turn.. Start Now..
-Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Uhh; Anger Is Directly Proportional To Desire.

We become so identified with the desire, then when it is blocked or prevented our own energy becomes fire; it burns you. And in that state of almost insanity you can do anything, for which you are going to repent. It can create a series of events that your whole life may get entangled with.

Because of this, for thousands of years, they have been saying, "Become desireless." Now that is asking something inhuman.

Even the people who have said, "Become desireless" have also given you a motive, a desire: if you become desireless you will attain to the ultimate freedom of moksha, nirvana.
That too is a desire. You can repress desire for some bigger desire, and you may even forget that you are still the same person.
You have only changed the target. Certainly, there are not many people who are trying to get moksha, so you will not have any great competition.
In fact, people will be very happy that you have started going towards moksha — one competitor less in life. But as far as you are concerned nothing has changed.

And if anything can be created which disturbs your desire for moksha, again the anger will flare up.
And this time it will be far bigger, because now the desire is far bigger.
Anger is always proportionate to desire.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Are You Really An Intelligent Person ?

past -- that which is finished is finished forever.
And he never thinks of the future
either, because that which has not come yet has not come yet. And he knows that
whenever it comes, he will be capable of responding to it, so why ponder over it?

Why make ready-made answers to questions which have not even arisen?

And all
your ready-made answers are going to be irrelevant because life goes on changing.
Life remains always a surprise; it is unpredictable.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Angry On Somebody? Super Solution, and Basic Reason.

Anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it.

Somebody came as a block, as anobstacle. Your whole energy was going to get something and somebody blocked the energy. You could not get what you wanted. Now this frustrated energy becomes anger…anger against the person who has destroyed the possibility of fulfilling your desire.

You cannot prevent anger because anger is a by-product, but you can do something else so that the by-product does not happen at all.

In life, remember one thing: never desire anything so intensely as if it is a question of life and death. Be a little playful.

I am not saying, don't desire — because that will become a repression in you. I am saying, desire but let your desire be playful. If you can get it, good. If you cannot get it, perhaps it was not the right time; we will see next time. Learn something of the art of the player.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Learn How To Live! Last Chance.

All religions are nothing but a science -- or an art -- to teach you how to die.
And the only way to teach you how to die is to teach you how to live.

They are not separate. If you know what right living is, you will know what right dying is.

So the first thing, or the most fundamental thing is:
how to live. First Learn This...

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Loving Person- Can Only Find Right Partner.

Only a loving person — one who is already loving — can find the right partner.

If you are unhappy you will find somebody who is unhappy.

Unhappy people are attracted towards unhappy people.
And it is good, it is natural. It is good that the unhappy people are not attracted towards happy people; otherwise they would destroy their happiness. It is perfectly okay.

Only happy people are attracted towards happy people. The same attracts the same. Truth attracts Truth, Ugly attracts the Ugly..
This is the law of psychological attraction, don't thing and put it at the place of law of Magnetism like N- Pole and S-Pole.

Intelligent people are attracted towards intelligent
people; stupid people are attracted towards stupid people.

You are Loving, Beautiful, Handsome, True, Caring, Sweet, Smart and an Intelligent - So you are attracted towards Me and I am attracted towards You.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

You Are Creative & Ambitious? No! No! You Can't.

When ambition enters, creativity disappears -- Because an ambitious
man cannot be creative, Because an ambitious man cannot love any
activity for its own sake.

While he is painting he is looking ahead; he is
thinking, 'When am I going to get a Nobel Prize?' When he is writing a
novel, he is looking ahead.
He is always in the future -- and a creative
person is always in the present.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Are You Frustrated? Open Your Hands.

It is within your hands to be frustrated in life or not.
Just your expectations should become smaller, smaller, smaller, and in the same
proportion the frustration will become smaller.
A day will come when
there will be no expectation; then you will never come across any
frustration. - Osho.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

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