Mega Gift Of Happiness And Celebration. Start Now!

Let's never be serious, start Smiling, Laughing, Become Happy, Let's Celebrate Life and Your Existence.
I don't think existence wants you to be serious.
I have not seen a serious tree.
I have not seen a serious bird.
I have not seen a serious sunrise.
I have not seen a serious starry night.

It seems they are all laughing in their own ways, dancing in their own ways.
We may not understand it, but there is a subtle feeling that the whole existence is a celebration.

There is very less time, why to waste it being Serious and becoming Unhappy / Sad. Whole nature is Happy, Enjoying and Celebrating....
Now it's Your turn.. Start Now..
-Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

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