Uhh; Anger Is Directly Proportional To Desire.

We become so identified with the desire, then when it is blocked or prevented our own energy becomes fire; it burns you. And in that state of almost insanity you can do anything, for which you are going to repent. It can create a series of events that your whole life may get entangled with.

Because of this, for thousands of years, they have been saying, "Become desireless." Now that is asking something inhuman.

Even the people who have said, "Become desireless" have also given you a motive, a desire: if you become desireless you will attain to the ultimate freedom of moksha, nirvana.
That too is a desire. You can repress desire for some bigger desire, and you may even forget that you are still the same person.
You have only changed the target. Certainly, there are not many people who are trying to get moksha, so you will not have any great competition.
In fact, people will be very happy that you have started going towards moksha — one competitor less in life. But as far as you are concerned nothing has changed.

And if anything can be created which disturbs your desire for moksha, again the anger will flare up.
And this time it will be far bigger, because now the desire is far bigger.
Anger is always proportionate to desire.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.


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