Understand 3 W, What Chanakya Says.

Many wars in the world had just happened because of the 3 W. The 3 W means, W = Wealth, W = Wife, and W = Wine.

In modern days you will say that the war is not for / because of 3 W, it's for Oil, Power, Border etc. than you will be wrong. Still every fights / wars are just because of 3 W, it may be local or International.

Don't take W = Wealth directly, it can be any thing like, small peace of Land or regional Border, Oil is nothing but its Wealth, to become a powerful Person is nothing but its for the wealth.

Also W = Wife can't be directly taken as a Wife but it can be any Beautiful and Young Lady, Lust, Love etc.

A single statement of Chanakya can clear the 2nd W. See what the great Indian Philosopher says about the most powerful thing in the world.

The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.- Chanakya.

Take Care and Remember 3 W.
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Keep Smiling & Take Care.

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