Accept The Insecurity & It Will Disappears.

Man is a fragile flower. Any stone can crush him. Any accident and you are gone. Once you understand it. Even if you feel very afraid, what to do?
The night is dark, the path unknown, no light to light the path, nobody to guide you, no map, so what to do?

If you like crying and weeping, cry and weep, but that helps nobody. Better accept it and grope in the dark. Enjoy while you are.

Why waste this time for security, because security is not possible. This is the wisdom of insecurity. Once you understand it, accept it, you are freed from fear.

It happens always on the war front, when soldiers go to fight, that they are very afraid because death is there waiting for them.
Maybe they will never come back again. They tremble, they cannot sleep, they have nightmares. They dream again and again that they have been killed or crippled, but once they reach the front, all fear disappears.

Once they see that death is happening, people are dying, other soldiers are dead, their friends may be dead, bombs are falling and bullets passing, within twenty-four hours they settle; all fear gone.
They accept it; they start playing cards and bullets are passing. They drink tea and they enjoy it as they have never enjoyed it before because this may be
their last cup.
They joke and laugh, they dance and sing. What to do? When death is there, it is there.

This is insecurity. Accept it, then it disappears.

Himanshu Kumar Singh.