Not On Peak? Read, If You Are Still Struggling.

Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that
follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake
that follows. Enjoy both--dont get addicted to one.

Dont say:
I would always like to be
on the peak. It is not possible.
Simply see the fact:
It is not possible. It has never
happened and it will never happen. It is simply impossible--not in the nature of things.

Then what to do? Enjoy the peak while it lasts and then enjoy the valley when it comes.

What is wrong with the valley? What is wrong with being low? It is a relaxation. A peak
is an excitement, and nobody can exist continuously in an excitement.
Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.

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