Zikr : Remembering God continuously.

Deva Pritamo.
Deva means God; pritamo means beloved. Let God be the beloved. Seek and search for God in everything that you are doing, and you will find him everywhere.

Eating food, eat him; drinking water, drink him. Then the taste of the food is his taste, and the coolness of water is his coolness. Breathe him in and out. Let him surround you in every possible way.

When you see the stars think of him. When you watch people know that these are all his forms. In the beginning you will have to remember it, but soon it becomes natural. Then one need not remember; it simply remains there. It becomes an undercurrent in your consciousness.

This is the method Sufis call Zikr:
Remembering God continuously, in each act, in everything that you come across. And you can be certain that one day God is going to knock at your door.
If your love is enough, if your love is total, God is going to happen. It has always been so, it will always be so: it is the eternal law.

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