Spiritual Secret Device Of Success.

This is the Secret Device of success. Using this you can balance "Satva, Rage, Tama" in your body.
Increasing "Satva" and Balancing "Rage and Tama" in the secret of success.

My Grandfather use to use or follow this and now I am following it. Read carefully and follow, if any question ask ... It's as below :

"Once remembering starts, the light starts burning again.
From this moment think of yourself not as a sinner, not as somebody condemned, but as a beloved of god. He has created you in his own image.

From this moment start remembering that God is watching. Just become full of the remembrance that God is watching and you Will see changes start happening of their own accord.

Things that you have never done, you will start doing. Thoughts that have never occurred to you will start occurring.

Silences, pauses, intervals, will come automatically. You will start entering into new spaces, unknown to you, never even dreamed about. Thats it.... "

Use this device this is one of the most important Sufi devices.

Take Care and Keep Smiling....
Himanshu Kumar Singh.


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